Will the coin be listed on exchanges?

Yes, however it depends on numbers of adoption.

Where do I receive my VFC?

You will need to open a wallet on the waves platform at https://waveswallet.io/ and supply the address on the claim form.

What do I have to do to get free VFC?

Whitelist  and you will receive 1000 VFC in your wallet, only claim once, please consider aother members of the community.

Is there a bounty procedure in place? (bounty gets paid for doing a verifiable task for the  benefit of the community)

Yes the bounty distribution will occur in the following order

  • Sign up a new business on the Concept (200 VCF)
  • If you write an article and publish on a platform with wide readership (100 VFC)
  • Join instagram  group and share a picture at Victoria falls (100 VFC)
  • Join VFC group on whatsaap (100 VFC)
  • Share on twitter (50 VFC)
  • Share on Facebook (50 VFC)
  • Sign up new community member (10 VCF) -new member need to provide wallet address for introducer

How do I claim my bounty?

Submit a task completed through the claim form providing your wallet address.

About Rainbow Ink

Rainbow ink Private Limited is the official sponsor of the VicFalls Coin (VFC) and is an IT company which uses technology to refill used inkjet and toner printer cartridges.  Though the directors for Rainbow Ink are the founders of the VicFalls Coin the company and the digital asset are separate.The company was founded in 2012 and… Continue reading About Rainbow Ink